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Hi! I’m Jakub,

Environmental Scientist and Contractor

In my primary school years, I remember walking through local urban bushlands while the Fire Brigade prescribed burnt small patches of Jarrah and Banksia. Walking through the smoke the smell of Eucalypt and Balga imprinted on my mind. Standing at the edge of a suburban development watching a local ride a horse through the white sand, startling a family of kangaroos grazing in the understory. Weeks later the bushland was cleared, machinery made way for roads, roads made way for houses, and houses made way for us. I was young and didn't understand why at the time but now I work to protect and conserve, to regenerate and rehabilitate nature. 

My Environmental journey started at the age of 18. A graduate of Edith Cowan University Joondalup Western Australia. The experience was excellent, with great lectures hosted by some great Professors and Teachers. Hands-on practical experience in the Laboratory, Fieldwork, and Nursery work, Teamwork, made the time go too fast. I graduated in 2008 with acceptance into a Masters's Project. In 2009 the GFC made it very hard to live as a student. Worked an extra job as an Assistant Ceiling Fixer, and then a casual job at ECO Environmental Equipment as a Technician repairing, cleaning, and calibrating environmental equipment (water meters, probes, dust meters, etc). Moving out of home was taking its toll on my studies. Doing more hours working to support my lively hood and the entry to the real world. I got the opportunity to participate in a Hydrological study on the Blackwood River with Professor Horwitz, which I learned a great deal from. My thesis was on Silviculture and Salinity in the Collie Catchment. I met with Foresters, Landowners, and Government organisations to find a research topic. During that time my Professor introduced me to the Natural Trust, working a Revegetation Project on the Collie- Wellington Catchment Area. Which led to studying the Stenes Arboretum Collie catchment with a Forester in the Autumn of 2010. End of 2011 we finished a Draft of the Collie Wellington Rehabilitation Plan. My thesis fell through and I successfully join Natural Areas Management Services based in Whiteman Park. 

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