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Hobby Farm Beginnings 

I love gardening! I love eating food! I love animals!
Moving to Wattleup in 2020 from South Fremantle (Hamilton Hill) changed everything! Having the space to grow veggies and have animals has improved my quality of happiness and achievement. Growing veggies and plants is easy and relatively cheap!

The property is home to many native animals and insects. We have a flock of galahs, Crested pigeon, Black Cockatoos, Ring necks, Ravens, and Quenda! 

We have 6x3x3 enclosures for our rescued and orphaned galahs. We have 4 Isa brown chickens also rescued and orphaned. 
It has been a challengingly hot summer. We have a sprinkler ready to shower them! We also have a fish pond with a new gold fish family. 

We have a long potted garden along one side of the house for food and herbs. A 3 year old orange and lime tree. We also use a vacant block for a small no dig garden experiment.    

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The Galah Gang

Meet our Galah Gang! 
Learn about Galahs!

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Autumn Gardening 2022

After one of the hottest summers on record in WA, I luckily got my hands on a large quantity of free saw dust and chips, from a Marri tree. I took this opportunity to dig up the invading kikuyu. I found some tin being thrown out and used it to drive down to make a physical barrier. I had to move some plants around. Planning to fence all the way around and build the soil up.  

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