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Curriculum Vitae

About me

I fell in love with Nature at Outdoor Education Camp in High School, I tried to slept outside, because I could smell mold in my school tent. So I laid on the picnic table staring at the Milky Way wondering what will happen in the future. Some how I fell asleep and woke up with my hands covering in a thousand mosquito bites, it was the worst camping experience of my life to this day

It only made me want more Nature experiences and better camping conditions. Graduating from High School with knowledge in Maths, Science, Geography, English Literature, and History, I applied for Environmental Science at Edith Cowan University. Beginning my Environmental career. 

I have a passion for forests, woodlands, wetlands, rivers, steams and dune systems. I love helping conserve and watching Australian Fauna. I thrive in participating in restoration and regeneration projects in Western Australia. 

University Education

  • Bachelor of Environmental Science at EDITH COWAN UNIVERSITY WA

  • Major in Environmental Science

  • Major in Catchment Management 

  • Graduate Certificate in Protected Area Administration at MURDOCH UNIVERSITY WA

  • Eco Tourism (1 Semester - discontinued do to Pandemic) at MURDOCH UNIVERSITY WA

Organisations and Companies 

  • Martin's Environmental Services Leading Hand (3 years) 

  • SERCUL Landcare Officer (2 years)

  • National Parks Ranger CALM (2 years)

  • Team Leader Conservation Volunteers Australia (3 years)

  • ECU Research Assistant (2 year)  

  • Eco Environmental Lab Technician (1 year)

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