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Nature Walk Challenge

 Did you know Australia is leading the world in mammal extinction, with a total of 34 species? The list means more than 10% of the 320 land mammals known to have lived in Australia since colonisation are now extinct.

By joining this national event and raising critical funds, you’re part of a strong movement to see Australia’s unique nature and endangered wildlife - like the koala, greater glider, swift parrot and numbat - receive the protections they deserve.

Hi, I’m taking on the Nature Walk Challenge and have pledged to walk 55km in April to help protect Australian endangered animals and the special places they call home. Did you know that there are estimated to be less than 100,000 koalas left in the wild? Weak environmental laws, deforestation and unsustainable development are all contributing to the loss of iconic Australian animals and their habitats. That’s why I have set myself a goal to raise at least $800 for Australian wildlife by 15 April. Please help me reach my goal by donating to my fundraising page here:


Thank you so much for your support! P.S. Please help me spread the word and forward this message to your family and friends too – every donation counts!

Making Tea in Nature


Packing and Planning


Set up NWC 

Hiking Boots

First Day

On the Bibb Trail

15th April

Donation target $800

Man Hiking in Wilderness

Summit Mt Dale

End of Trail

20th April


Stay connected for blogs on the walk! 

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