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2023: The power of nature

Well, here I am. Sitting down and reflecting on what I want to achieve and do and be in the future. I will be passing the midlife age expectancy for the globe on average 35. It is hard to imagine the volume of humans existing in the world, we just reached 8,008,629,800. That is double the amount from when I was born in 1987. We have started the year with some promising technological advancements such as the Fusion Reactor. Which produced more energy than it consumed without waste. I'm sure I will be diving into understanding that technology soon and its environmental impacts, hopefully, positive impacts for once!! This could be the revolution of energy we need to change the course of history as a civilization with a promising ethical future. I am taking a well-deserved break over the summer season, to help my well-being survive what is some very challenging weather and conditions. Following returning to work at only 60%, leading the team to work without my supervision. Leaving me more time to continue improving my physical, spiritual, and mental health. I plan to be in a great state of mind and health to tackle a new year of bushland regeneration. The Wattleup Ranch is going through some changes, with a rezoning of the fence and property line and removing asbestos fencing, and developing the rear block for business usage. So gardening has had to change, the veggie patch is to be moved into an ibc style garden. The chickens and duck are living very well. Potential for a small shed to be converted into a chicken house. I have always had an interest in filming nature landscapes and sounds, I have always done this on a budget and just as a hobby. This year I have kicked off a small internet-based project to help me fulfill my urges to record nature and present it to the world. I love listening to nature and watching it, but sometimes you just can't get there, or it's too hot, or too cold, and just hearing or seeing the sound through a computer can help your mental health and mood dramatically, sounds can help with sleeping and studying and especially relaxing. So here is my creation of Life-Force Vibrations, a social media and Youtube site with nature-based sounds and visuals. I plan to create or source all content locally eventually, Western Australian Sounds and Visuals. A way to store and show the beautiful landscapes and animals I have, and want to experience. So I guess I'm saving up for some technical equipment. I'm thinking of starting with a camera, a drone, a microphone, and some animal camera traps. I hope to collaborate with many talented people I know and hopefully network with them. Here is my first go at it all. I hope you can find the time and just let it take you away. This was all made with open-source free-to-use sound and video. I find it very relaxing laying on the floor or bed with this on, just staring into it clears my mind. Shows how powerful nature is even through a flat screen.


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