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7.9 Billion

People on Earth, and in Lower Earth Orbit, take this time to meet everyone. Say who you are to everyone. Imagine 7.9 billion faces. If we all know each other, we can be one community in an Ecosystem of Culture, Nature and Positive Progression for everyone. It sounds like a Utopia. Its is hard to imagine? Is this the best we can do for everyone right now in 2022? What will 2030 look like when I am 40? Did it feel like this for you in 2012? You know you have made positive changes. You have tried your hardest to be a good person. Will it get easier to be good? Will it be easier to get help, or to help others? Everything you do, you do for you. Including doing for others. We are all doing something for someone or your self. We now need to do something for Earth. We need to protect and improve the environment, we are to be guardians and regenerators of the Earth for the future of our Kind! Be Kind, plant a tree, grow food!


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