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Appreciating Nature

The times I have been the happiest, are the times I have been in Nature. Not in a house, not in a car, not in an office, not in a room, not in a plane, but outside. Outside of civilization's construct.

Anytime I need to be reminded that my life is special, that I am important, that I have a propose, Nature was the catalyst, the main ingredient, the magic that is unexplainable. The feeling of your brain and your heart working together in synchronicity to keep you enjoying the wonders of nature, just because it all worked out randomly or with purpose. I had no control over my existence in nature, but deep down I was responsible for activating without understanding my DNA unravelling the laws of chemistry and physics, teach my atom to replicate and to build me as an animal.

I've been the happiest in Nature when I see the marvels of ecology, the uniqueness of creatures, the adaptation of life in all of nature. There is life everywhere, it wants to be everywhere because it can. Appreciating Nature is happiness, because you appreciate your self and everything natural around you. You let it live and so, it lets you live in happiness. You have a simple purpose in life, to be part of nature, to appreciate the magic of life.

"I can be happy, as long as nature is happy".


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