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Clean Up Australia Day!

Its the cold hard truth. We are terrible with Rubbish here in Western Australia. The laws, the landfill, and the attitude. So far behind, innovation lost, and a problem for another generation to deal with. We need to invest more and smarter money to fix these problems. Its the most important civic responsibility that everyone can do and understand. I could go and find all the statistics and photos and on going data sources about how rubbish is increasing and damaging the Eco system of Earth. You have seen it, you are around it, you make it, others make it, and it goes everywhere. Everywhere you cant go, rubbish will get there with out effort. Its time we become all responsible. Its not your rubbish but it is your Planet. We have to take an intrinsic ownership of the land, water and air and physically make it how it was. Without Rubbish! I see first hand how the general rubbish and recyclables end up in water ways, wetlands, bushland, deep in forests. Our bushlands and waterways are so vulnerable and on the edge of becoming barren. A way to solve this big problem is we need to make more investment and funding a sort of Environmental Management Work Force. Training and employing experienced Environmental Managers and Field Technicians to have boots in the bush and protecting and working to restore to a healthy level, I mean teams of 30 environmentally trained or schooled people. Eager to learn and do, under the hands of the experienced. I struggle to understand why it took the Containers for Change program up so long. It took the Chinese Government to refuse our trash for a politician to look at the recycling plans and issues from 2000. 20 years was a long time waiting, and postponed 7 months because of a state of emergency. Well we all ready had a rubbish emergency, 2 recycling warehouse burnt down and who know how much was diverted to land fill. Our Pelican population poisoned by landfill sites. We collect usually 1 trailer of rubbish and dumped items a day. The number of surgical masks littering our planter now blows my mind! If this is not addressed we will see the effects of this in the coming months. Blocking our drains and choking wildlife. This week, we collected +50 surgical masks in water ways and bushlands, and verges. This has to stop, if it doesn't we will be polluting our water with biohazard. We need hundreds of cleaning team that cleans this up! We need to educate our children on there rubbish so they don't make the same mistake. Invest in being responsible for your waste as not to make it a burden for another. If you know of a dumping site please contact your local council. Or if you see anyone littering or dumping contact Keep Australia Beautiful Council or your local Community Ranger. Becoming a litter reporter at KABC gives you the power to enforce the litter act on Litters. We need a big discussion on this issue. We need everyone, just like in this effort of emergency powers, we need emergency powers to stop rubbish and waste from becoming a virus in our own suburbs and water ways. If we continue growing and littering we will drown in our own rubbish.


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