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Happy Holidays Earth

What a great feeling of Euphoria, THE HOLIDAYS! A break from the daily duties of managing and maintaining the parks and bushlands. The spraying season was very hard, and the fallout of the Pandemic for 2 years really took environmental progress back. The lack of labor made it really hard on my team, working on Garden Island we obliterated the Arum Lilly, a very difficult terrain and hard work in. The team after the season was very run down, and returning to urban bushland we were always let down and wasted time with illegal dumping, litter, green waste dumping, bike jumps, and dugouts. The weeds were just as bad, strong, and tall as the above-average rainfall and soil moisture. But we have done the best we could and now a well-deserved break. Time to spend some time on the Wattleup Ranch and enjoy the peace and the projects that are waiting for me. Wish you all the best of the holiday season and looking forward to applying more content in the new year!


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