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Low Tide

I will be honest. Its 9:41PM Sunday, I am tired and didn't think about anything to write for my weekly blog. I usually try to get something of my chest, but not this weekend. The weather changed from average 36 Degrees to 30 Degrees and humid. It was nice for a moment but doing tasks out side like gardening was sweaty. I managed to help a group in Clontarf Hill to water some planted native plants. Some more water quality testing meters came in to play with. I have been preparing for the Nature Walk Challenge with some high tech toys to make the trip a bit more fun. Proof of walking! Ill be recording my walk over the 5 days to prove I did it, for my pledge to walk for charity. Looking forward to another day of managing the environment tomorrow, with the low tides of lakes and wetland the ugly layer of rubbish exposes its presence! Lets clean this Earth up!


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