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The Legend of the Eco Warrior

Caution: This story contains photos of a deceased person and mature language. I met Riley 2 years ago, at a friend's house, and we seemed to "click" somewhat about life in Fremantle, hanging out at gigs and backyards. He explained to me that he left South Australia and has never experienced so much kindness and love from the community that we call Fremantle, the old school, the ones who have been here for a while "Locals", the ones who you see walking through the parks and bushlands and the markets, and the gigs, and the house parties and general day to day life. We both always talked about how hard life is, and how hard it is to get ahead, with all the blur and walls in the way of doing what we wanted to do. Told me about his actions in saving the world to leave it better for the youth. In his anarchistic way, he invited me to join his band of local eco-warriors, taking responsibility to rehabilitate the land around the homes he and his friends live in (I had been forced to move out to Wattleup due to the rental crisis), but knew the area well. The land owned by governments that let it degrade and become deserts of veldt grass, pepper trees, and fire hazards. He voiced his frustrations about how "shit" they are and how they can watch this and accept it. He invited me over to his place and showed me his effort in seeding local native plants, it was very impressive how many local plants he grew. Very inspirational personally, and I wish I had the same drive as he did in growing natives, and I feel like I need to follow his example. We went on a few bushwalks and taught each other about the plants, the bush, and life, making very nice memories. We got together and work on the bush, he and his band planted out areas, and to this day are thriving around Hamilton Hill, planting Tuarts that will live for hundreds of years, providing for the local fauna. He was truly an Eco Warrior, a Leader, and a Legend. I wish I had grown old with him here and watched those trees grow. Rest In Peace my Friend thank you for all you taught me.


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