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To the Forest

An interesting week, of Federal Government corruption, Anti mandate Protestors on Canberra, Canada, and other countries as other Nations like the UK and Germany drop mandates. Covid spreading in Western Australia as we open boarders slowly, and the Russian Federation moving troops into Ukraine. We are all eligible to receive 5 free Covid Rapid Antigen Test, help identify the spread and who is sick. We currently have very high vaccine rates, but it doesn't seem to stop the spread, nor does the mask mandate. This is not the topic of my post today, just an interlude to the chaos of the world at this very moment, and what I can do to help the Earth from the destructiveness of humanity. Today my good friend is taking me to Jarrahdale to meet with the community there, trying to prevent deforestation for a proposed operation. I will find out more after the meeting. I used to be a National Parks Ranger at Lane Poole Reserve and lived in Fairbridge, not far from Jarrahdale. I learnt a great deal about the bushland the forests and the settlements, the technology and the history, culture of 19th century. Learn more here The plan is to establish a relationship with the Community and potentially help run an awareness community event, to highlight the issue of deforestation and the true value of the environment left over for the future generations. To bring the pride of having healthy forests for your children to come and visit and witness the trees and flowers, cockatoos, emus and kangaroos. Post meeting- With the current political health crisis the group is waiting for a better time to make a big event and are focusing on smaller event such as bush walking days! Sounds exciting and really promising! We quickly visited the Jarrahdale Sawmill, in one way it was exciting and the other it felt like Auschwitz for the King Jarrah Trees. I personally believe it should be repurposed as a native nursery and a Non for Profit Environmental Group that works at Weeding and Planting the Darling Range.


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