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Walking In Nature Challenge: The struggle.

"Ah give me a break", shouting into the open air of my front yard, where my neighbor 150 meters away heard me, as I smashed my already cut finger tip on an object. There is a reality, that you have to do it even if you don't like too. It will keep the cogs turning and moving forward. Sometimes you are challenged physically and mentally by the task and the variables. You need to keep it going! So far we have raised an awesome $347.00 for the Walking In Nature Challenge Thank you everyone for the support! I have had a minor set back by cutting the tip of my pinky I have lost a bit of dexterity and gained pain sensitivity of hitting it. Making packing and unpacking a little bit more challenging. The plan has changed, I will be camping first at a friends property in Jarrahdale and then Hiking Sunday Monday Tuesday. Between Monadnocks and Mt Cooke. Packing and organising today! Please help by donating or giving some positivity! Looking forward to hitting the track!


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