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Where do we go from here?

I became environmentally conscience at the age of about 16. In geography class when we all learnt about the greenhouse gas effect and the hole in the ozone layer, coupled with a healthy dose of Captain Planet and Fern Gully, I knew this needed attention, and the feeling I got being outside and exploring nature was my dopamine hit. I thought of the future, I watch a lot of science fiction and read lots of futurism, I was convinced that after many environmental disasters like the ozone hole, Exxon and Deep water horizon oil spill and the deforestation of Borneo and Amazon, and all the scientists talking about climate change that society, government and countries would join together and help restore the world ecosystem. This was the case for a few years, when I was at university, the Labor government was very on top of the topic and trying to introduce Carbon Tax and Carbon Credits and other economical tools and functions to curb the outputs of our coal and oil reliant society. This was all dumped by the Liberal government. Cuts happened instantly, National Parks and the Department of Environment was financially crushed. Its 2022 now and the Liberals are still in power, and still destroying the environment, defunding the fire department before fire season caused the biggest fire storm over east in history, no support for victims, floods, the great barrier reef being neglected, forests and Aboriginal land being blown up, the extinction of the Koala! Its time to vote them out! We need to listen to the environmental scientists like we listened to our medical experts. It needs to change, the paradigm shift has to start now!

Extinction Rebellion Rally 15/05/2022


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