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World Wetland Day!

One might describe Wetlands like a cigarette filter. It captures the toxic particles. Unlike cigarette filters the Earth's Wetlands are far more complex and underestimated and under priced. Today we worked in a Old growth River Waterway/flood plain/wetland. Our task was to target emerging weeds and to clean up rubbish. We have been managing the area for almost 3 years and weed coverage was minimal. One of the Landcarers found a very sad discovery of a bunch (4 or 5) dead Water birds, (in the process of identification) and we are making moves to contact the appropriate authority. It was very sad. We found 2 tyres, a bike frame, McDonalds litter, bottles, and a big sink and a plastic dinosaur. Wetlands are very critical to the health of the river and vice versa. The Western Australian Wetlands, where massive pre colonization. Stretching from Joondalup to Kwinnana. Interconnected through creeks and streams and great damplands. A vast water table allowed for massive Jarrah, Marri and Paper Barks. Gathering all the mineral rich water running down the watershed of the Darling Scarp. Its biodiversity was abundant and unique. Endemic to the locality of the landscape feature. Paradise. I will continue to warrior the threats and attacks of humankind on mother nature. Thank you for reading my first Blog! I hope the rest are far more exciting and less sad. But there is a reality I am seeing that is causing me a cause for concern and need to document my experience. WARNING: Images of dead animals.


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